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Hey guys my name is Taylor or you can call me snow

i am a young and fun college graduate I was a college athlete. i play basketball and have been playing my whole life. i am your not so average girl next door type. If you want to know more book me and
we can have a great time (:

I absolutely love what i do and I believe that you can actually see it, instead of just going through the motions. I connect well with others and it makes it easy for me to meet new people with out that awkwardness when meeting someone for the first time. My outgoing and bubbly personality will put all newbies and overly nervous men and woman at ease. which is why i think Chemistry is a big thing for me when meeting new people. I will always make sure that you are comfortable in my home and i ask you do so if i come to you.

I have a screening process which i can handle in a few different ways.

1. references (preferably 2 solid ones)

2. If a newbie, or references dont respond i will ask for work info (business card, work id, school id, linked in account, anything proving you work there) as well as a pic of DL to prove that it is you (you can cover vital info, only need name and photo
Outcall over all of LA OC and some IE

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Phone Number: 

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